Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'll be leave in you!


Day 2 of 15 Habits of Great Writers.

Today it's about believing I am writer. Easy peasy right? Well, not so fast. Believe is defined as accepting something as true. I believe the sky is blue; I believe humans need oxygen to survive; I believe the earth is round. Yes, I can say I believe these things without question. Why? They are proven facts that any reasonable person can't deny. Okay then, I believe I'm a writer. Whoa, do I really? No. Not in the same why as I believe the sky is blue. Why? Because I measure this truth on external factors such as getting read, getting published. The tangible. In order to get to these places, I need believe that I'm a writer and I write for me.

 "Everything that’s holding us back. Resisting us. Compelling us to settle for the status quo." Jeff Goins

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